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Stop counterfeiters at the source

Finally, an Anti-Counterfeit Product That Works


Unlike RFID or QR codes, our product is fundamentally different. Using cutting edge technology, each certificate combats counterfeiters from eating into your profit margin. All in a simple as 123

1. The consumer locates the tag

2. Scans the tag with their smartphone

3. The consumer gets a certificate of authentication in as little as 5 seconds

What if it is counterfeit?

Our servers record the GPS location, name of the account used, and a picture of the product itself

Easy – Affordable – Secure


Our most secure certificate costs less than the least secure RFID


With over 10 quadrillion unique signatures that cannot be copied, each item of your product is certified one of a kind

What can your counterfeit product do?

Unlike other anti-counterfeit devices on the market, our tag actively protects your product

Our product can help

  • Jail your counterfeiters
  • Stop future counterfeit organizations
  • Recover almost half of your product margin
  • Identify the location of counterfeit factories, warehouses, suppliers, and even the location of singular counterfeit goods